Wednesday, January 19, 2011

wiTdom Innovation Lab

It gives me immense pleasure to see sensex getting crashed from 21000 level to present 18900 level.
We had predicted in our october 2010 blog about this crash and it just happened.We at wiTdom innovation Lab use our various strategies using various tools like Fundamental Analysis,Technical Analysis and Astro Analysis.Let me intoduce you today to what is Astro analysis.The two most fundamental principles of TRUE ASTROLOGY are the principles of Bear & Bull planets and Bear & Bull aspects. These principles are NOT my discovery; they have survived astrology for more than 5000 years. It is just that I have found methods & principles to verify that these principles actually work in modern financial astrology.
Let me now present some fundamental truths about astrology that many financial astrologers are in denial of today. 1) The Principle of Bear & Bull PlanetsThere are two bullish planets and two bearish planets, the two bullish planets are Jupiter (long term bullish) and Venus (short term bullish) and the two bearish planets are Saturn (long term bearish) and Mars (short term bearish).
2) The Principle of Bear & Bull AspectsThere are two bullish aspects and two bearish aspects, the bullish aspects are the trine (120) and the conjunction (0), the bearish aspects are the square (90) and the opposition (180). By combining the bullish aspects with the bullish planets and the bearish aspects with the bearish planets, many stock market ups and downs can already be explained (once the stock market ruling planets are known). If Bullish planets meat bearish aspects and vice versa, the Aspects will rule over the planets, meaning that Trines from Saturn will be bullish, while squares from Jupiter will be slightly bearish, slightly because the nature of Jupiter is bullish.
There are generally bullish and bearish planets and aspects that are responsible for all markets rising and falling. Yes particular planets are more important than others, when it comes to forecasting the short or long-term direction of a market. There are certain markets ruled by certain planets and horoscopes have values .The planets be used to determine support and resistance levels and to trade the markets based on price action.
Hope we soon get our crystal ball gazing for 2011 for you soon.
Always yours
Atul Sikrai
Sr Vice President & Head Equities
wiTdom investment advisory.