Friday, May 18, 2012

Humpty Dumpty S&P and Nifty!!

With the blessing of lord Ganesh  wiTdom again got it right ! Just refer our march end blog about “Operation Evil Cat “.
Didn’t we tell markets are going to crashed?
Yes equity and commodity prices around the world have tumbled down. We did had warned Nifty will get to 4600.
Today nifty was near 4700 very close to our target of 4600.Rigid bulls around the world are running to cover their foolish long positions. IF you are regular reader of our blog you must have noticed that wiTdom was only firm that was bullish on Dollar and yes today dollar rupee is very close to 55 and dollar index is very near 82.Just watch for dollar index it has resistance near 82 if it crosses above it then no one on earth can save equity and commodity bulls.
Its proud moment for our fans, followers and readers to tell to the world see we told you operation evil cat was coming!!

Now let me tell you the secret how we predicted this fall also ….
First we were smart enough to measure leveraged level within financial markets.
For you kind information we want to reveal to you that ECB is 38 times leveraged it’s very close to Lehman default in 2008.We where very sure that ECB has lost its gun powder to save euro zone. We where very sure that euro is in deep trouble. Second thing we are betting was on our astro knowledge let me tell that we knew that from 16 May shani was getting vakri and its going to remain vakri till 4 august.
Our analysis is based on technical, fundamental and astro knowledge. And that’s why we are getting it right often.

In wiTdom the world trust !
Still thinking investment? Think wiTdom !

Thanking you
Always yours
Atul Sikrai
Sr Vice President
Witdom investment advisory.

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