Saturday, July 6, 2013

Golden Sparrow is Caged

Golden Sparrow is caged:

“Sone ki chidiya” that is India is in deep trouble.

Dear friends as told you earlier that rupee is going to touch 60 and it has finally touched. We at wiTdom are predicting Rupee to soon cross 61 and move towards 63.
wiTdom is biggest bear on Indian economy. We see lots of pain for economy as a whole in near future.
We are still bearish on stock markets too. we see market making new lows in near future.
FII bought 39 billion dollars of stocks and they just sold 2 billion dollars of stocks and nifty tanked by 500 points.
Dollar index is expected to zoom up.
Rising crude price of nymex crude above 100 $ is going to add pressure to the margins.
Quarterly results are not going to encouraging.
Watch out for political crisis and withdrawal of support for present government.
We at wiTdom see early election as a major crisis point for India.
Emergence of third front and broken mandate will act as hindrance for formation of new government.
Withdrawal of capital in debt market adding pressure to rupee .
wiTdom was first to raise concern abut Portugal .
Yes Portugal market has started tumbling about 5% in one day.
Crisis in Egypt is spiking crude prices.
We are soon expecting India to be down graded by S&P .
Rising current account deficit is major reason for downgrade.
If you are Bull on nifty and Indian economy please beware of major calamity.

 Wishing you
 Profitable  2013.

Atul Sikrai

Vice President
wiTdom investment advisory.