Monday, March 4, 2013

INDIA : A wiTdom View

India: A wiTdom View

Dear friends “Hell” was the real word experienced by the  HNI and Operator community who lost there shirt when stocks were falling 60% in a day and 80 % in fraction of 3 days .Don’t you remember we had warned our readers in our last blog .
We at wiTdom see market bouncing back from this level.
What makes us bullish?
1) India’s GDP has bottom out at 4.5% we see a trough.
2) Retail redemption and selling by local mutual fund seems to getting over which was mainly due to ULIP redemption.
3) Oil prices are expected to fall which shall be in favors of India.
4) Inflation is expected to come down.
5) RBI expected to cut interest rates by 75 basis points in coming 6 to 8 months.
6) Government is trying to its reform process and expecting Fiscal deficit at 4.8 %.
7) We see fixed income to under perform and shift of asset allocation to equity as RBI cut rates.
8) We see dollar index has peaked around this 82 level.
9) Valuation of mid cap stocks are mouth watering.
10) Rupee is expected to gain strength in coming days.

Alas at last “wiTdom is Bullish”
Love to quote famous quote in stock market said in Hindi
“Pakad ke rakho badhega….”
That is “buy and hold your stock tight it would raise.”

Thanking you
Atul sikrai
Vice President
wiTdom investment advisory

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