Thursday, April 29, 2010

witdom is my baby and i love to see it grow

witdom is my brain child.........
Although much of my work involves strategic thinking, planning and design management, I still revel in sitting down and getting into the actual practice of design.
All of the preceding strategic work gives me a solid foundation and design direction. The work can then evolve within these guidelines, ensuring not only fresh, contemporary and appropriate results, but results that successfully address business concerns.
My expertise in this falls within several strategic areas, centred around brand touchpoint identification, management and delivery. Following from this, I can introduce brand building programs that are cost efficient, effective and credible.
The value of these programs to most organizations comes through the recognition of where the brand value lies, and how to operationalize it through activites durng the pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase phases. The exerise becomes a clear process of connecting business strategy with brand strategy. My touchpoint-driven programs lead to effective brand building, often wthout spending large amounts of money, as they involve enhancing what the company is currently doing, as opposed to continuously inventing new programs.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

brand building of witdom

Brand name ATUL

Once upon a time…….
Storytelling is crucial to successful advertising. When done well, it builds a relationship with its audience which lasts over time, adds to the brand lore and garners customer loyalty.
Aligning brand positioning with advertising direction is central to my development of winning campaigns. Knowing the audience, treating them with respect, and delivering relevant information breeds advertising that is useful, a novel concept but one that has been viewed as the secret weapon of those who know how to use it.
Most of the strategic methods I employ can be directed to inspire this kind of advertising... leveraging key relationship dynamics to produce work that connects with customers on a deeper level, and leads to action.