Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thinking Investment Think only wiTdom

Atul Sikrai :
The best investment practitioners, the ones who get results, rely not just on their instincts and experience but on the insights of the trailblazers in their field—the people who interpret, challenge, and even devise the strategies and tools that shape investment management. But when you're in the trenches—serving clients and running a business—the voices at the front can have trouble getting through, and you may sometimes wonder if your methods are as current as your clients deserve.
Strategies continue to be explored, and tactics can change almost as quickly as the markets.
So sit in on this remarkable think tank. Treat yourself to a compelling array of ideas—from the doggedly practical to the delightfully abstract—that will inform and stimulate your own thinking and reawaken the reasons you came to wiTdom investment advisory in the first place.

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