Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shekchilli, Gangu Teli, Mitti ka Madhav and Raja Bhoj

They most aptly describe the kind of people we have in our organization(wiTdom).
Shekchilli(Rashmi Shah) is a dreamer
Gangu Teli(Minal Mehta) does not dream at all. He likes to implement things. He calls himself a ‘realist’ and focuses on practical things like doing the task and measuring their effectiveness and efficiency. That’s what the world should be doing. He has a disdain for dreamers. His name Teli suggests that he is an oil presser. Just as an oil presser uses force to push oil out of oilseeds, Gangu Teli uses pressure to get work out of his team. Carrots, he says, are dreams; sticks, he insists, are reality .
Mitti ka Madhav (also known by some as Gobar ka Ganesh)(Avani Parekh) is neither a dreamer like Shekchilli nor an implementer like Gangu Teli. He is what you want to be. On his own, he is neither. He is a reactive member of the team, doing whatever pleases you, with no mind or opinion of his own.
That brings us to Raja Bhoj(Atul Sikrai), the ideal leader, a dreamer as well as implementer .

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