Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vision 2020 Sensex 100000

We at wiTdom here by declare end of flash crash in Indian stock market which we successfully where able to predict much earlier in October 2010 as per our October and November blogs. With the blessing of lord Ganesha none of our reader where hurt in this present crash. Now let me reveal to you why we predicted this market crash their where three reason for it.

1) Fundamental reason sensex was trading at PE ration of 21 on muhrat trading when sensex hit 21000.
2) Technical reason we saw formation of double top on the chart based on lunar cycles.
3) Astor Reason we have always seen bloodbath when ever shani gets vakri.

We now expect this bear market to end as we see that we are very near to lower end of channel formation which is some where near 17000 on sensex. We expect beginning of new bull market which always happens when there is capitulation and hard core bull dies.

Its would be smart tactical long term call to be a contrarian bull rather to be pessimistic bear now,
We suggest you to buy Indian stock with long term time horizon. It’s time to buy stocks for your kids.

Target of 1 lac was achieved by plotting 17.5 percent compounded annual growth rate to sensex we see this target.

Now you all will ask me what that kid is doing in this blog then I will tell you that kid is son of my cousin his name is Tanishq. My cousin just bought little smart stock for his son; He said to me that when Tanishq will be 10 years old in 2020 hope he will be able to have bright future.

God bless all of us.


Atul Sikrai
Sr Vice President & Head of Equity
wiTdom investment advisory.

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