Friday, August 16, 2013

wiTdom A Proud Bear

Bulls Get Butchered!!

Dear beloved Bulls,
Witdom knows that you are going through deep pain. wiTdom know you are losing lots of money. This is what happens to you when you challenge weak fundamentals of the economy. Bulls are literally killed on Dalal Street today sensex is down by 740 points and still counting. wiTdom was biggest bear on India and market crash proves us right.

Dear Readers,
 Witdom told you that we are going to see Rupee moving above 61 and move towards 63       Rupee has touché d 62 against Dollar.
Nifty has corrected by 10%
Bank Nifty has fallen more than 17 % .
Stock specific crash has been nearly 75 %.
Our constant bearish stand on market has been applauded by the market participants that’s why “In wiTdom world trusts “.
Nifty is poised to break its near term low of 5474 .
Nifty is projected to fall to 4800 and Rupee is expected to fall to 65 by our technical team.

Now what makes us bearish?
Recent capital control measure by government.
MSCI Index it’s updating and deletions of stocks.
US 10 Year bond yield moving towards 1.8
Fed tapering is imminent in September FED meeting.
Indian 10 year bond yields moving higher.
Crisis in Egypt that is adding woes to stability.
NSEL Fiasco is spot of calamity.
Biggest market bull camp is losing huge money and is at verge of default.
We see flight of capital moving out of emerging markets to developed markets.

We did have warned of calamity to all bullish traders and at last calamity has happened.
Bulls RIP.

Thanking you
Atul Sikrai
Vice President
Witdom investment advisory.

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