Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Where there is will there is Way!

Pooling Euro Zone Bad Debt
Where there is will there is a way!
Germany has indicated that it is prepared to accept a grand bargain that would provide greater support for its most indebted euro zone partners in exchange for far more centralized control over government spending in Europe. More likely is a plan to combine much of Europe's bad debt into a single fund, with the idea of paying it off over 25 years -- an idea gaining traction in Germany as an alternative to euro bonds, officials say. Changes on this scale would not be easy, involving an arduous process of treaty alterations that could take years, and it is unclear if they would be enough to reassure markets of the euros stability.

  Nifty has formed short term bottom near 4780.We are  suggesting to close all short position with profit and go for adventurous Long on Nifty. Nifty expected to jump towards 5130-5200 in near term future .Things that make us  bullish on nifty is that government is coming back with some reform for growth. RBI expected to cut rate in future. And very important factor is that Rain God has arrived in India.

Now this blog is ray of hope for bulls.
After reaming bearish for last three month we feel markets are showing some near term bottom out stage. Markets around were falling from last 3 months we expect some up move in near term. ECB is expected to cut rates. Even Fed will come to rescue market with help of QE3.

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Atul Sikrai
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