Monday, June 25, 2012

Zombie Banks.

As per our last blog stock market around the world went up.
We think that temporary up move is now over .We are expecting another round of sell of coming. Economic outlook still remains weak. We suggest you to book profit on all your long trade. Professional traders can go short.

Let’s talk about zombie banks in our banking system around world.
Here’s a simple explanation for why the world’s zombie banks remain so reluctant to write off worthless assets. wiTdom still see a huge hole in the banks’s books that its executives have yet to admit. Had zombie banks taken swift action sooner to mop up and replenish its balance sheet, it might not be in the precarious position it is today.

Other struggling lenders in Europe and the U.S. will see both examples as more reason to paper over their losses, which will make their problems and the eventual cleanup worse. Delay- and-pray is never a good strategy. Unfortunately it’s the only one a lot of zombie banks have left.

Some of the Zombie (Scary banks) is yet to be unearthed. We see lots of trouble in Euro zone. We expect S&P to fall to 1280.You can also go short on Nifty with SL of 5255.
Nifty is expected to fall back to 4780 if 5000 is broken. Bear case for Nifty is supported because rain has been delayed and is expected to be below average. Inflation is still the concern. No rate cut by RBI .Fed kept its gun powder dry. Absence of QE3 is end to near term up move in speculation.

Thanking you
Atul Sikrai
Sr Vice President
wiTdom investment advisory.

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