Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fuzzy Fed & Lazy Rupee

Fuzzy Fed & Lazy Rupee

Once upon a time there was a old man (Senior citizen) named  Rupee who had a fuzzy friend called Fed.
Fed used to make that old man fall hard by pushing him again and again………..

Dear Reader
How many Financial Analyst and Currency Experts told you that Rupee is going to touch 60 against Dollar?
Literally none! It was wiTdom that told you first.That too one month back.

How many Market Pandits told you to Short Nifty?
Majority of market participants were talking about new high for sensex and Nifty except wiTdom.

Yes friends today Rupee is at kissing distance to our target of 60 and nifty has nose dived to 5650.Our bullish stand towards Dollar and bearish stand on Nifty has gone correct.

Taper, taper and taper that’s the buzz word on the  street.
Fed gone taper told to you in May please read our blog.

Now which stocks are gone be hit?
Stocks which have maximum foreign currency exposure i.e. with highest FCCB (Foreign currency convertible bonds).

Stay connected for more financial gyan only with wiTdom.

Thanking You
Atul Sikrai
Vice President
wiTdom investment advisory.

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