Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Win with wiTdom

Dear Reader
Please refer our blog called" tactically cautious" published few days back.
It was witdom who was super bullish on Dollar .We told you that Rupee is weak @ 54 since than it has fallen to level around 57. Watch out for 57.32 if crossed than we stick to our target of 60.
wiTdom was  first to say Yen carry trade is overdone since then yen has got stronger till level of  99.5 against dollar and Japanese market has fallen more than 15% .
wiTdom was first to read the minds of  US Fed and had warned about QE tapering.
Since then Fed has turn from dovish to hawkish. Fed members are now insisting on slow bond purchase.wiTdom sees unwinding of carry trade .
wiTdom was first to be bearish on Nifty since then Nifty has fallen from high of  6230 to 5880.
wiTdom was first to show growth concerns since then India’s GDP has fallen to worst level of 4.8%.
Sell in May and go away worked well for wiTdom because market has substantially corrected and stocks are falling about 40% in single day.

Thanking You
Atul Sikrai
SR Vice President
wiTdom investment advisory.

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